VK@ 2013!



Monitoring on-line
We follow you in every steps if you decide to work with Linux and advise you in your choices to optimize the results of your business ..


Write to us !!
If you have any doubts or questions about the use, compatibility, and security of the Linux systems, you can contact us on our support tab. We will respond quickly in English.


X-chat IRC
We, of cource, do not use Skype, but we suggest you to speak with us using XChat, tool easy to use, very stable and needs few resources.


These programs can help you as a substitute for Microsoft paid programs. They are fully compatible at all levels with the requirements and the needs of small and mid-sized businesses.


Open-sources strategy
You can lighten your costs avoiding to pay licenses for Microsoft systems and office softwares. Upgraded soon as it's in the repositories.


open-source community
Softwares and operating systems are updated regularly and are even technological superior to the commercial softwares. Thanks to the persistent work of the community.

Vídeo Spots

Watch our video presentations of Debian versions on you tube or Dailymotion. Visit VKarobase on both channels.


We follow you in every steps if you decide to work with Linux to optimize the results of your business.


Open-sources programs are developed as alternatives to paid softwares by the community and are free.